Top Five Qualities To Look For When Hiring An Accountant

cpaYour accountant will be closely involved with every aspect of your finances. Therefore, this person has to be trustworthy and competent. You will want to look for certain qualities before you perform the huge step of hiring a tax accounting specialist. The following contains a list of five:


The number one quality that you need to look for in an accounting expert is honesty. Whether you need the person to help with your taxes or your personal business matters, he or she will have to have a trustworthy aura.

Organizational Skills

An accountant must have perfect organizational practices to keep track of your income and expenses. You should look for signs of good organizational skills such as tidy portfolios, prompt appointment arrivals, and a tidy appearance.

Superior Math Skills

It is understood that an CPA should have above-average math talents. However, your accounting specialist should have superior math abilities. In fact, your tax accountant’s math skills should be at least two times better than yours are to ensure that he or she is competent.


A tax accounting person should be compassionate enough to express a true interest in your well-being and financial health. This person should always take actions that are in your best interest. A person lacking in this department may only be interested in earning money.

Strategic Thinking

A good specialist will have the ability to exercise strategic thinking. He or she will need to develop strategies to get you the best return on your taxes.

If you can find someone with all five of the aforementioned qualities, then you have found yourself an amazing accountant.

What a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Do For You

bankruptcy attorneyFiling for bankruptcy can lead to positive changes in your financial situation.  If you are thinking about taking this step, you can benefit from the services of a bankruptcy attorney.

There are various forms of bankruptcy.  When you consult with a bankruptcy lawyer, he will discuss your situation with you and advise you of your options.  Your lawyer will let you know if bankruptcy is the best option for your particular situation, and the specific form that applies to your situation.

He will explain the entire process so you know what to expect.  Many people who could benefit from bankruptcy do not consider the option because of fear and misconceptions.  In most cases, bankruptcy does not result in losing everything.  Speaking with an attorney can give you peace of mind.

One benefit of bankruptcy is the end of harassment from your creditors.  Regardless of the size of your debt, harassment can be extremely stressful.  When you have a bankruptcy lawyer handling your case, the phone calls, letters, and other forms of intimidation will stop.

Your lawyer can also assist with your credit records.  As bankruptcy is intended to be a fresh start, credit records need to reflect this new phase in your financial life.  A clean record is your opportunity to rebuild your credit.  While you can continue to monitor your credit in the future, your lawyer will help you understand what you need to do, and why it is important.

He will also offer sound advice to help you avoid financial mistakes in the future.  Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy can be accomplished, but it does take time and responsible planning.  Your financial future can be secure if you follow your lawyer’s advice.

The thought of bankruptcy can be intimidating before you consult an attorney.  The information you need to provide, what you stand to gain and lose from a bankruptcy case, legal paperwork, and the entire process may cause you to feel confused, afraid, and wondering whether you are making the right decision.  You may even feel embarrassed over not being able to pay your bills.

Your bankruptcy attorney can eliminate the confusion.  You will see you are taking an important step toward financial responsibility.  Rather than allowing debt to hold you back, bankruptcy can clear the way for a better future.  If you have any questions about bankruptcy, or plan to start the process, call a lawyer today.